One Busy Day

Big changes announced for myCustoms

San Carlos, CA  October 2, 2001  In keeping with the trend of drastic change for the industry these days, myCustoms made several announcements this week. The company not only changed its name to Open Harbor, effective immediately, but it also entered into a partnership with Allogis Corp., appointed Chris Erickson as CEO and president, Rob DeSantis as a new member of the board, and Brad Ashcraft and Don Wight as directors of sales.

The new name and corporate identity reflect the company's mission to provide global enterprises a seamless information infrastructure to dramatically improve efficiencies and reduce costs for cross-border trade operations.

In addition, the partnership with Allogis Corp. comes in conjunction with the live deployment of their first joint customer, a Fortune 100 computer manufacturer, which is using the combined Allogis/Open Harbor solution to manage its international order fulfillment by automating the processes required for cross-border shipments.

Open Harbor's innovative solution drives massive efficiencies for global enterprises, said Erickson, Open Harbor's new CEO. For example, the system captures the basic data at the point of order-receipt, then seamlessly and instantaneously processes subsequent steps in the workflow, while providing alerts for any exceptions that require skilled decisions. Partners can collaborate on the same workflow, and entire shipment transaction history is captured automatically. Erickson is confident that customers can expect anywhere from 60 to 80 percent reduction in international trade operating costs.