NONSTOP Upgrades

Provider of demand chain optimization software releases new version of advanced replenishment system

San Francisco  October 5, 2001  Software provider NONSTOP Solutions recently released the latest version of its advanced replenishment system, adding new functionality in the area of profit buying and complex deal management, while strengthening the application's inventory balancing and visibility capabilities.

NONSTOP says that Demand Network Suite version 5.9 can help companies increase buy-side profit margins while optimizing inventory levels throughout their distribution networks.

The NONSTOP software provides investment buying tools intended to maximize profit from special deals, forward buys, speculative buys and limited supply offers. With integrated replenishment and investment buying, the software can help customers optimize inventory levels while simultaneously improving buy-side profit.

That kind of capability may be just what the doctor ordered for companies in search of a quick boost in profitability, according to Lisa Williams, director of business-to-business commerce and applications at the Yankee Group. "Optimizing the flow of direct finished goods can have a radical and rapid impact on the total profitability of an organization," Williams said.

NONSTOP's Profit Buying and Tracking application, part of the suite, suggests optimal purchase quantities by trading off the higher margin of these profit-buying opportunities against the incremental inventory carrying, ordering and handling costs. Buyers can auto-approve or review suggested purchases, modifying purchase orders according to the unique characteristics of the situation. Customers can also track the profitability of each type of buy as one way to measure the effectiveness of their buying strategies.

In addition, Demand Network Suite version 5.9 provides enhancements that the software provider says will improve distribution management capabilities to optimize the flow of products across complex warehouse and store networks. A new global item inquiry feature allows users to view key inventory and order detail across multiple locations. New inventory balancing functionality provides additional transfer options for redistributing inventory within a network.