Performance Analytics Perform

New analytics applications further SSA GT's partnership with Cognos

Chicago  October 8, 2001  In the current, slow economy, loose justifications of business performance is no longer an option. C-level execs want to see numbers.  That's where performance analytics come in, and that is why analytic applications have grown quickly in popularity. One such company is trying to get a bigger piece of this market.

SSA Global Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of BPCS Enterprise Performance Analytics (EPAs), a series of analytic applications that provide a foundation for business performance measurement. Sales Analysis, which is part of the Cognos e-Applications Business Performance Management Foundation (BPM) and the first product available in this series, enables businesses to analyze all aspects of sales from effectiveness of sales and distribution organizations to product and customer performance.

The Sales Analysis solution, which converts raw data into meaningful sales information, is comprised of 52 pre-defined reports and five multi-dimensional cubes that include the following areas: sales, orders, distribution, promotions and forecasts.

"Sales Analysis can be rapidly implemented, providing immediate return on investment (ROI) and a solid foundation on which to build competitive advantage and forge strong customer relationships," said Mike Greenough, chairman, president and chief executive officer, SSA GT.

Royal Canadian Mint, manufacturer of circulation and collectable coins for Canada and many countries around the world, is the first purchaser of Sales Analysis. The company is now implementing the solution.

Cogno, SSA GT's business-partner in delivering these business performance management analytic applications, is a global provider of business intelligence solutions.