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Capella University deploys Staffware for enrollment efficiency and learner marketing

Dallas  October 8, 2001  Staffware, a business process automation software company specializing in workflow automation, e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) software, announced the first integrated CRM/workflow installation for an online university. Capella University, a fully online university, has integrated the Staffware eCRM/Workflow solution to enable learner-marketing initiatives, as well as to increase admission speed and efficiency.

According to Kuljit Bawa, CEO, Staffware Corp., Capella University has engaged Staffware in a licensing solution, which is aimed at supporting the University's admissions process.  Initially, Capella looked to Staffware to provide a CRM solution that would allow the university to better service the educational needs of potential learners by targeting the information they would receive, said Bawa. For this reason, Capella wanted an integrated solution that offered solid CRM and workflow capabilities.

Staffware's solution is a process-driven CRM solution, which offers the full integration of a workflow engine with CRM functionality. Enabling organizations to link the front office to the back office, Staffware eCRM/Workflow facilitates the management of customer relationships across an entire organization, while driving integral processes on an enterprise level.

Working with implementation partner, Rainier Technology in Minneapolis, the Staffware solution for Capella is scheduled to go live in September 2001. According to Mike Walstrom, manager of customer management systems for Capella, Staffware's solution will support the more than 6,000 learners that are expected to enroll in Capella's education system by year-end 2001. This will enable a more efficient admissions process, customer service and marketing, and effective end-to-end support of Capella's learners throughout their work at the university.

Staffware's integrated solution allows for rapid changes to our marketing strategy by providing flexible tools for internal Capella staff to obtain pertinent data about a learner or potential learner and track all interactions with our customers. This makes our staff more knowledgeable about each customer they speak with, said Walstrom.