I'll Take a Version 4.0, Please

Yantra has a new offering for order and inventory management

Tewksbury, MA  October 15, 2001  Yantra Corp., a provider of multi-enterprise commerce management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Version 4.0 of its multi-enterprise order and inventory management suite.

The new release extends Yantra's ability to provide order and inventory management functionality that is integrated with dynamic business-process modeling, role-based participant management, deep event and alert management and business performance measurement.

Some of Version 4.0's new features include scenario management, so companies can tailor processes to the unique requirements of each participant or market; participant modeling, to improve collaboration among trading partners outside the enterprise; and interoperability framework, to speed integration within an enterprise and across multiple trading partners.

Extended order management is the most strategic application in the supply chain. It links demand and supply in real time and extends vital supply chain operations, according to Kevin OMarah, research principal, supply chain strategies at AMR Research. According to a recent AMR MarketAnalytix report, order and inventory management applications will account for up to 24 percent of corporate spending on supply chain management applications by 2005, making it one of the fastest growing categories within supply chain management (SCM).

Robert Sweeny, vice president of product management at Yantra, expressed confidence that the new software is the next step in order and inventory management. Several large supply chain and enterprise resource planning companies are talking a lot about this capability, but Yantra is the only company actually delivering on it. Our application is capable of managing the entire end-to-end order lifecycle of sales, service and purchase orders across extended value chains.

Yantra already services over 40 companies worldwide across industries such as high-tech, retail, logistics, chemical, energy and consumer products. Target, Motorola, Enron Industrial Markets and APL Direct Logistics were among the first customers to take delivery of the new 4.0 release, which was shipped on September 30.