Planning and Forecasting Software Gets Upgrade

ForecastX Engine v 2.7.0 targets demand, supply chain collaboration

Chicago  October 19, 2001  John Galt Solutions, a provider of solutions for forecasting, demand planning and collaborative market space, this week released version 2.7.0 of its ForecastX Engine, software intended to streamline and automate planning and operations.

ForecastX Engine is a demand-planning solution that captures and analyzes data. The solution provider says the software supports collaboration within an organization and with multiple enterprises across the supply chain, allowing companies to integrate it fully with supply chain planning and be proactive in managing both supply and demand.

"Companies today must be able to plan for customers that shop in a number of different channels in a changing marketplace, as well as short product lifecycles and new manufacturing capabilities," said Kai Trepte, vice president of business development, John Galt Solutions.

The solution provider says that by linking key stakeholders to the process, uniting enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM) and other business systems and providing real-time replenishment to decrease out-of-stocks, the ForecastX Engine lets businesses foresee opportunities and consequences and adjust strategy and operations accordingly.

"The impact of promotions, seasonality, new product launches and competitors actions all depends on timely information," Trepte says. "The ForecastX Engine makes this information accessible through the organization, from sales to logistics, as well as available to suppliers and partners."

John Galt Solutions is a privately held company.