GE GXS Goes on a FuelQuest

Partnership gives petroleum marketers access to product shipping information

Tempe, AZ  October 18, 2001  GE Global eXchange Services (GXS) is teaming with FuelQuest to offer Web-based supply chain management services to U.S. petroleum marketers.

The two companies will integrate electronic bill-of-lading (EBOL) and operational supplier data from GXS's PetroDEX exchange with the business-management tools in FuelQuest's suite of Web-enabled e-commerce applications.

U.S. refining companies use PetroDEX to manage information associated with the shipment and delivery of gasoline and other refined petroleum products. The new services are designed to allow petroleum marketers to receive more timely product shipment information via the Web in formats such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), while eliminating the errors and overhead associated with manual entry of paper-based data into back-office systems.

GXS, based in Gaithersburg, Md., operates a B2B e-commerce network that encompasses some 100,000 trading partners, and Houston-based FuelQuest provides and hosts Web-based supply chain integration and collaboration technologies for the downstream petroleum industry.

"Our alliance with FuelQuest will use Web-services technologies to provide petroleum marketers with critical product shipping information, together with supply chain management tools that will help them apply that information for maximum customer benefit," said Frank Campagnoni, chief technology officer for GE Global eXchange Services.

"The Web-based services this alliance has developed provide petroleum marketers with the opportunity to leverage supply chain integration capabilities that were once available only to major oil companies," said FuelQuest President and CEO Richard Cilento. "We see this as a tremendous opportunity to continue our progress toward integrating the downstream supply chain for the benefit of petroleum marketers, their suppliers and end-use customers."