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QuadraMed signs strategic distribution agreement with Quovadx as integration partner

ENGLEWOOD, CO -- Oct. 22 -- Quovadx, Inc., a provider of Total Business Integration (TBI) software and services, today announced that healthcare information technology provider QuadraMed Corporation has signed a multi-year strategic distribution agreement to market QDX A2A Integrator(TM), Quovadx's flagship integration engine (formerly known as Cloverleaf(R)).

Under the distribution agreement, QuadraMed will bundle a privately labeled version of QDX A2A Integrator(TM) with its Affinity(R) healthcare information system to allow unrelated systems to share information in the correct format. QDX A2A Integrator(TM) will serve as the 'integration engine to provide both a reliable and cost effective way to integrate a customer's various software products with QuadraMed Affinity.

Installed throughout the United States, QuadraMed Affinity is a robust, web-enabled hospital information system that focuses on improving patient safety while maximizing operational performance through its integrated suite of over thirty-five administrative, financial and clinical care applications.

"QuadraMed understands the importance of application integration and we're committed to it," said Dean Souleles, Chief Technology Officer for QuadraMed. "Quovadx has the key qualities QuadraMed looks for in a partner -- particularly an emphasis on technology innovation that matches our own."

"The more complicated healthcare organizations get, the greater the need for system integration to support that complexity," said Lorine Sweeney, President and CEO of Quovadx. "We're pleased to be able to help QuadraMed give its customers the seamless system integration they need."