Good Intentions for Intentia

Mitsubishi Motors revs up with the 'live' implementation of Intentia's Movex e-Collaboration Solution

SINGAPORE  October 26, 2001  Intentia, a provider of e-collaboration solutions, announced the live and successful implementation of the Intentia Movex e-Collaboration solution at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), a leading car manufacturer in the Philippines. The partnership between Intentia Philippines and MMPC kicked off in June 1999 in an effort to streamline and integrate MMPC's core business processes in the areas of sales, distribution and finance.

For more than a decade, MMPC had used their in-house developed system. According to Arnold Almario, Financial Manager for MMPC, "The problem with our previous system was that it lacked integration and we could not get a complete view of our business processes or critical information. Our old systems were at the end of their shelf life and we made a decision to invest in a system that was totally integrated, Year 2000 compliant and could cater to an expanding business. At the same time, we also required a solution that would also cater to our requirements that were specific and unique to the automotive industry. Under a stringent evaluation criteria, we reviewed all our options with great care and detail and the general consensus was that Intentia's Movex e-Collaboration solution had the best fit in terms of features and functionality. As an enterprise software solution it was exactly what we were looking for."

Mitsubishi Motors began the first phase of implementation in June 1999 starting with the Movex Financial management application which was deployed in four key process areas: treasury and banking, credit and collection, budgeting and financial analysis. Modules supporting the General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable; Budgeting and Reports modules have been completely installed. With the solution in place, MMPC have been able to implement improved processes and control procedures in the preparation of checks. They have also been able to simplify the techniques and methods in achieving effective funds administration. The accounting department at MMPC have greater confidence on the reliability and integrity of the general cost accounting information being processed, stored and retrieved from Movex Financials.

This was followed by the implementation of the Movex Sales and Distribution solution for MMPC's vehicles and parts sales operations, which is due to go live before the close of 2001. With this component in place, MMPC aims to achieve greater speed and efficiency in the processing of sales transactions for both vehicles and parts. They also aim to gain greater control over credit transactions by automatically blocking credit transactions that exceed a customer's available credit line or part due accounts. The solution will also look to provide timely information on monthly product costs that may assist the Marketing Division in the formulation and review of pricing policies.

"Our direction now is to extend Intentia's Movex e-Collaboration solution to the other operations in the company throughout its dealership network. We would like to expand the Movex e-Collaboration solution and hopefully, cover the entire enterprise. We would also like to implement Intentia's Customer Relationship Management and eventually eBusiness in the near future once we have the complete backbone in place," concluded Mr. Dizon, Senior Vice President of MMPC.