Automating IT Management

RevX Process Manager promises to control risks by enforcing IT business processes

Kirkland, WA  November 1, 2001  Two-year-old software company RevX Inc. had its coming out party this week with the release of its information technology (IT) process management application.

RevX says its Process Manager (RPM), a Web-based application that is debuting in version 2.0, allows IT departments to control operational risks by providing a rules-based engine to create a "to-do" list, thereby enforcing required information gathering and the completion of IT-related activities.

Users can use RPM to configure, manage, initiate, monitor, communicate and administer existing business processes. Notification and escalation alerts keep management informed of process status and help ensure that each procedure is performed correctly and on time to keep operations running at greatest efficiency.

The software includes a series of pre-built templates that RevX says will allow IT and business analysts to apply best-practice workflow policies to automate mission-critical IT business operations. RPM also provides an authoring tool that lets users automate multi-step procedures.

"RevX recognized that IT organizations were left vulnerable every day because important processes that safeguard business success were being overlooked or not fully completed by employees," said John Perez, the company's CEO. "RevX was determined to solve the needs specific to managing IT."

Pricing on RPM, which is available now, starts at $75,000 per server, plus $1,000 per concurrent user. Pricing for individual templates, or RPM Modules, begins at $3,000.