Just in Time for the Parade

Macys.com deploys Mercado Software's IntuiFind search solution

FREMONT, CA  November 12, 2001  Mercado Software Inc. announced that Macy's, one of the nation's premiere retailers, selected and implemented the company's IntuiFind search solution on Macys.com. The online retailer implemented IntuiFind as part of a site redesign project intended to enhance the online customer shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

"The search results page is the most popular location on our site after the home page. This makes search a key element in our customer experience," said Gary Beberman, director of Technical Research at Macys.com. "IntuiFind makes it easy for us to interpret customer requests and deliver relevant results. Our customers can find what they want and our merchandisers can prioritize their products. This is a win for everyone and a strong contributor to customer loyalty."

Macys.com, an online site for fashion clothing, home furnishings and jewelry, evaluated several search solutions and chose IntuiFind to improve overall search functionality and relevant results. Prior to IntuiFind, customers were experiencing difficulties finding products within the catalog database. IntuiFind provides Macys.com a search solution that leverages the rich and diverse set of product attributes on its site, which contains more than 75,000 items. In particular, IntuiFind's Linguistic Modules easily adapt to customers' spelling and terminology, enabling them to use their own words to find what they want.

"When searching for information, users have to choose between a `shortcut' or `meander' strategy: either jumping to the answer via a query or navigating to the result by drilling down through a hierarchy of categories," said Guy Creese, Internet Analytics Research director for Aberdeen Group. "Users will choose whether to query or navigate based on personal preference as well as the task at hand -- and in many cases will switch back and forth between these complementary modes. Mercado makes this toggling seamless by integrating the two, rather than treating them as two disconnected capabilities. The result is a search solution that is greater than the sum of its two already powerful parts."