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AMR Research names Yantra as leader in distributed order fulfillment

Tewkebury, MA  November 12, 2001  According to AMR Research's recent Supply Chain Report, Managing Order Fulfillment Across the Supply Chain, Yantra Corp., a provider of commerce management solutions, "leads the market" for distributed order fulfillment, based on product maturity and number of customers.

Distributed order fulfillment is a new type of software that helps companies grow revenue while driving down order and inventory costs across multi-channel, multi-division enterprises. The software combines enterprise-level commerce applications with a many-to-many exchange platform.

According the AMR Research report, "The improved visibility and control over an extended order fulfillment network made possible by automated distributed order fulfillment products provide companies with immediate benefits and a quick Return on Investment (ROI)."

The technology leverages existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as Oracle and SAP, to provide centralized order and inventory management across complex value chains. These value chains, which combine supply- and demand-networks, include multiple internal information technology (IT) systems and divisions, as well as external trading partners.

"ERP systems were never designed to coordinate business processes and workflow in an external environment," stated Chris Newton, senior analyst of supply chain strategies and writer of the report. "These systems lack the application functionality and technical architecture to allow them to coordinate activities across a distributed fulfillment network."

Devdutt Yellurkar, CEO of Yantra, said, "With order management costs accounting for one-third to one-half of supply chain costs, the need is greater than ever for proven solutions that help companies to more efficiently manage their order and inventory business processes.

AMR Research's report cites several strengths for Yantra's Multi-Enterprise Commerce Suite, including its commerce platform technology, application functionality and the product being in its fourth release.

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