A Shoe-In

CCSI selects InterTrade to build its collaborative trading partner network

Campbell, CA  November 14, 2001  Collaborative trade management solutions provider InterTrade Systems Corp. has announced an alliance with Comprehensive Computer Services Inc. (CCSI) to implement TradeLinks to better integrate the enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider with its shoe manufacturer trading partners.

CCSI created Foot-Works, an ERP product for the footwear industry. The product is designed to streamlines internal business processes by providing users with order processing, product sourcing, warehouse management, factory order processing, distribution, electronic data interchange (EDI), and e-commerce software.

CCSI said in a statement that the TradeLinks platform is expected to enable greater levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness in how Foot-Works delivers automation and interoperability between diverse systems of its trading partners.

"Until now, Foot-Works users have been using a variety of software packages to connect with their trading partners. Our partnership with InterTrade streamlines this process and provides a very cost-effective method for all of our users to seamlessly communicate and exchange data, CCSI's Vice President said. TradeLinks provides a sophisticated, yet simple to use, technology that augments the tight integration already achieved by CCSI's application. Being able to deliver on such value with the added advantage of a proven ROI for both ourselves and our partners was certainly one of the most attractive aspects of InterTrade offering."

This opportunity allows us to prove our technology in yet another large industry, and it pleases us to have formed this relationship with CCSI as our partners in this endeavor, said Scott Munro, CEO of InterTrade Systems."