The Searchers

Executive Technologies' XML database provides indexing and searching

Brimingham, AL  November 19, 2001  Executive Technologies Inc. announced SearchExpress XML, an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) database that provides both schema-free searching and schema-based searching, and it also allows documents with different schemas to be added to the same database.

"The SearchExpress XML database can be used to index and search XML documents, as well as HTML, Microsoft Word, and Acrobat PDF documents, via intranet or the Internet," said Jim Geer, president of Executive Technologies Inc.  

"Or, if you need to integrate XML searching into your existing applications, you can use the SearchExpress XML database to add XML indexing and searching to your applications.  You could, for example, use Web Services integration to let your software application, running on a server in New York, call your installation of the SearchExpress XML database, running on a server in San Francisco."

In addition, the SearchExpress XML database Concept Search allows users to retrieve documents based on concepts, it provides real-time monitoring, and is operational on Windows XP/2000/NT/98 and Linux platforms.