Upgrade Without Fear

Syngistix offers technology migration for distributors of durable goods

Denver, CO  November 21, 2001  Syngistix announced the availability of X!TE 2.5 (pronounced excite), a software solution for distribution-centric businesses that includes a low-risk technology-upgrade migration path for distributors of durable goods.

According to Syngistix, X!TE 2.5, which uses a three-tier architecture and a Windows 2000 based platform, supports integration with other business systems and databases for distributors of such durable goods as electrical supplies, industrial supplies and office products. This architecture allows the back-end database to operate on an HP3000, UNIX, AS/400, or any other platform that leverages a distributor's existing investment in hardware and allows migration to the latest technology.

Now distributors have a migration path, giving them a low-risk solution to migrate to newer technology without the disruptive effect of a big bang' conversion, said Marjorie Rodell, Syngistix vice president of marketing and corporate development. Distributors need not totally replace their current hardware and software. Instead, our modular solutions work interactively with distributors' existing systems.

X!TE 2.5 supports internal operations, including order management, inventory management, accounting, purchasing and warehouse management. Distributors can add functions module-by-module, in a logical sequence, to systematically gain new functionality.

Syngistix, which has a 25-year track record, was formerly known as Distribution Resources Co.