A Clearer Lens

Global lens company gains clearer visibility with QAD

CARPINTERIA, CA  December 11, 2001  It seems odd that a lens technology and manufacturing company would be having trouble with their visibility. Nevertheless, Transitions Optical has solicited the help of QAD, a provider of collaborative commerce applications for manufacturers. As a result, QAD today announced that Transitions Optical has significantly improved its business processes, gained clearer visibility of enterprise data and bolstered profitability with QAD MFG/PRO enterprise software.

"QAD MFG/PRO is rock solid," said Tony Vallin, global director of information technology for Transitions Optical. "We've had an extremely good track record with it, enabling us to maintain high inventory accuracy, reduce inventories across the supply chain and react quickly to the changing business ecosystem."

A long-time user of QAD MFG/PRO, Transitions Optical estimates the solution has helped it slash inventories by 43% and cut lead times by 50% on average, improving its bottom line performance. "We now have an excellent manufacturing process," said Vallin. "The deeper visibility of work-in-process and cost of manufacturing that QAD MFG/PRO has facilitated has opened our eyes to cost-saving opportunities and strengthened our lean manufacturing initiative."

Transitions Optical recently turned to QAD to help it transition to the Euro at its facility in Tuam, Ireland. "When you upgrade to new functionality, the best thing that you can hope for is a non-event -- no impact to the users," continued Vallin. "Our transition to the Euro with QAD helped us clean up our accounting processes and achieve a very smooth conversion. The results left our programmers searching for a perceived problem because, instead of the conversion discrepancies they had expected, the new Euro figures with QAD were within a few Euro cents of the calculated target."

To further streamline its business processes internally and externally and achieve optimal profitability and efficiency, Transitions Optical has decided to move to MFG/PRO eB at its sites around the world. A simple, yet elegant browser, called eB Desktop, complements the solution. "The new Web-enabled technology plugs right into our company's Intranet initiatives," said Vallin. "Our users are highly skilled, so QAD's eB Desktop will help them achieve even greater productivity through its intuitive presentation."