Putting Paper Pushers Out of Business

Squamish Terminals evaluating new business messaging software

Vancouver  December 19, 2001 Squamish Terminals, a subsidiary of Star Shipping Canada, has installed Briyante Software Corp.'s beta-stage Business Messaging software for evaluation and use in their B2B document exchange with shippers and carriers.

According to Al Kassam, Briyante's president and CEO, the software was developed for companies to exchange business messages, such as purchase orders, memos and invoices. "The series consists of a set of building blocks that is not limited by any level of [information technology] infrastructure to host or participate in document exchanges, Kassam explained. We have based the software on a number of standards from the W3C and OASIS that enables a standardized system to conduct business over the Internet. The modular nature of the software allows customers to start with the most basic functionality and over time move to Briyante's Enterprise version which is capable of integrating with any existing business system.

Doug Hackett, Squamish Terminals' manager, information systems and administration, explained the company's trial run with Bryiante's software: Our first application of the software is in processing documents that confirm tracking of railcars destined for our terminal from particular customer mills," he said. "The second evaluation installation involves ordering of rail cars from the yard to the warehouse and confirmation of rail cars and unloading. Previously, we have experienced errors occurring at various check points along the way and anticipate this system will result in fewer errors and faster reporting and confirmation with our shippers and carriers.

Briyante anticipates completion of the beta series by this month and the launch of its commercial version software in January 2002.