Vastera Gets Collaborative

New platform for TradeSphere intended to speed internal, external integration

Dulles, VA  January 4, 2002  Two of the biggest challenges companies face today are how to improve collaboration with external business partners and how to get the greatest value out of existing internal technology solutions. Both require effective sharing of mission-critical information.

So says Vastera, a provider of global trade management solutions. This week Vastera rolled out its Collaborative Platform for TradeSphere, which the provider says will enable both external collaboration with trading partners and internal integration with enterprise applications. TradeSphere is Vastera's set of solutions for managing global trade processes from order to fulfillment.

The software company says that its platform leverages such communications protocols as XML and Java to allow companies to identify the information required for sharing with external partners and enterprise applications and subsequently establish the timing and frequency of the information transfer.

A user-friendly design accelerates the integration of TradeSphere with other solutions, the solution provider says.

"Vastera has focused on reducing implementation time to lower costs and speed benefits to our clients," said Mark Ferrer, president and chief operating officer of Vastera. "Companies have seen the cost of integration increase significantly as a percentage of total information technology budgets. Yet these same companies understand that applications must effectively communicate with each other to drive significant value. Our Collaborative Platform accomplishes this objective."

In addition to helping the company's clients collaborate with extended trading partners and other enterprise applications, the new platform will also help Vastera itself deliver new software capabilities to its clients faster, according to the solution provider.

With the platform, Vastera says it will be able to deliver software modules independent of each other while still ensuring that each is fully integrated, allowing clients to purchase only the solutions they need at the time they need them and then add capabilities as their business warrants. The provider says the platform has also helped Vastera assimilate acquired software solutions and country-specific trade content into its core suite quickly by employing the same methodology.