Nistevo Goes Modular

Offers bite-size logistics functionality to address specific needs, drive faster ROI

Minneapolis  January 8, 2002  Solution provider Nistevo this week began offering its e-logistics network in bite-size chunks, allowing its customers to subscribe to specific modules to meet their current logistics requirements.

The provider says that by offering its network as modular solutions, it is allowing its customers to address their short-term e-logistics objectives immediately, resulting in a faster return on investment.

"Our experience has shown that many of our customers subscribe to the Nistevo network to solve a specific logistics need, such as minimizing contract leakage, providing visibility to their supply chain, efficiently managing the entire shipment process, or collaborating with other members to reduce costs and improve service," said Kevin Lynch, president and CEO of Nistevo.

Over time, Lynch said, most shippers are expanding their use of the Nistevo solution to take advantage of the network's full capabilities, even though their initial need concentrated on a specific business requirement. By modularizing its network, Nistevo hopes to address the immediate need while offering the option to expand capabilities in the future.

The modular offering should also reduce the cost of entry, and therefore the risk, for customers, as well.

"Supply chain execution vendors, including Nistevo, are now delivering modular products in order to address the immediate needs of buyers at a lower risk and with shorter return on investment time frames," said Michael Bittner, research director for supply chain e-fulfillment at technology consultancy AMR Research. "Nistevo has quickly recognized and addressed this change in buying behavior by packaging their application for bundled sale and rapid deployment, with options for broader functional expansion later."

Nistevo's network includes modules for connecting to all other network members, providing for event management, visibility into logistics operations at supply chain partners and analysis of key performance indicators across a member's logistics operation; managing contracts, including negotiation and compliance; executing the logistics process, including shipment management and exception identification; and collaborating within a company and with logistics partners.

All four modules are immediately available from Nistevo.