Nestlé Sweet on WhiteLight

Candymaker taps solution provider for supply chain analysis tool

Palo Alto, CA  January 15, 2002  The Strategic Supply Chain Group at Nestlé USA is set to use a supply chain analysis tool to model the company's supply chain and provide up-to-date inventory information.

Nestlé will replace its current custom code and spreadsheet-based analysis methods with software from WhiteLight Systems called Analytic Application Suite.

"We saw a need for a dynamic modeling environment with the ability to deliver information to a large number of users," said Andrew Gibson, manager for business analysis at Nestlé. "WhiteLight's solution will enable us to interact directly with our data and more easily model the dependencies in our supply chain for a better and more immediate view into our inventory. We will now also be able to distribute models across a geographically dispersed user-base."

"Nestlé's challenges are similar to those faced by corporations around the world: they had simply outgrown the capabilities of their in-house solution," said Peter Beard, CEO of privately held WhiteLight. "The WhiteLight Analytic Application Suite will enable Nestlé's Strategic Supply Chain Group to rapidly build the models that help them predict optimal inventory."

Ten-year-old WhiteLight said its software enables companies both to understand historical data and to explore potential future actions and outcomes using interactive analysis. The Nestlé solution will also include WhiteLight iApplicationServer, enabling the company to create and deploy interactive reports to their users via the Web.

Headquartered in Glendale, Calif., Nestlé USA has 17,300 employees, $8 billion in sales in 2000 and is part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A., the world's largest food company.