High-flying Sourcing

British Airways taps Frictionless as sourcing provider

Cambridge, MA  February 4, 2002  Frictionless Commerce, an enterprise sourcing provider, today announced that British Airways will be using Frictionless Sourcing software across all areas of its business  from services to products and materials.

"We see tremendous value in enterprise sourcing  from analysis to decision support and negotiation, to supplier management  the complete process, " said Silla Maizey, procurement director, British Airways. "We conducted an extensive audit of the market in order to develop our requirements and select the right solution. In doing this, we also evaluated the overall company, business model and executive-team to make sure that it was a complete fit."

The sourcing software will be rolled out across British Airways over the next few months, targeting a cross-section of spend categories, such as project management, analytics for sourcing, and supplier and contract management.

"Smart companies understand that enterprise sourcing software is a critical investment during challenging economic times," said Kent Godfrey, chairman and CEO, Frictionless Commerce. "Now, companies must take a hard look at their spending to improve their bottom line.  British Airways not only understands the efficiencies and savings the company will realize through enterprise sourcing, but also has a world-class vision and sourcing organization. The company is committed to an enterprise-wide adoption of this software and best practices.  I was impressed with both their long-term vision for purchasing, as well as the rigor with which they conducted their evaluation."www.frictionless.com