Intelligence for the Supply Chain

Business Objects launches analytics application to assess supply chain performance

San Jose, CA -- February 6, 2002 -- Software company Business Objects this week released its supply chain analysis application, intended to allow companies to assess delivery performance, manage inventory and reduce costs in their supply chains.

Business Objects said its Supply Chain Intelligence application enables companies to analyze the entire supply chain, from the initial source through to the final destination.

The software comprises a series of modules to provide a view of various segments of a company's supply chain, including orders, procurement, production, delivery and returns.

The first two modules, announced today, are BusinessObjects Source Analytics, designed to give visibility into a company's inbound supply chain to manage supplier relationships, optimize the procurement process and monitor inventory levels and costs; and BusinessObjects Deliver Analytics, intended to help companies analyze the outbound supply chain to improve delivery costs, optimize inventory levels and deliver on customer demand in the most cost-effective way.

Business Objects, a member of the Supply-Chain Council, said it has incorporated SCC's Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) model into its new applications. "The SCOR methodology ensures that companies have standard terminology, common metrics, associated benchmarks and best practices for supply chain management and enables members to build inter-enterprise integrated supply chains," the company said in a statement.

"Companies are looking to meet rising customer expectations at a manageable cost, and to do so must look in depth at the entire supply chain to identify the weak links and identify areas for improvement," said Charles Nicholls, group vice president of the Business Objects analytic applications division. "BusinessObjects Supply Chain Intelligence, built using the Supply-Chain Council Supply Chain Operations Reference Model, gives supply chain managers the keys to reducing supplier costs, improving the delivery of products and increasing overall customer satisfaction."

BusinessObjects Source Analytics 1.0 and BusinessObjects Deliver Analytics 1.0 are generally available on Windows NT and Windows 2000.