Let the Sun Shine In

Foodservice giant EFS Network utilizes Sun One Net Environment

SANTA CLARA, CA  February 6, 2002  Sun Microsystems Inc. today announced that the recently launched electronic supply-chain network, EFS Network Inc., is utilizing the Sun Open Net Environment. Sun ONE developed a solution for EFS using the suite of business network applications from Model N that allow brick-and-mortar companies to integrate disparate business processes. EFS Network, founded by foodservice giants such as Tyson, Cargill, Sysco and eMac Digital, L.L.C., a partnership between McDonald's and Accel/KKR, represents more than 20 per cent of the $411 billion foodservice industry.

"Our network members in the foodservice industry are always looking for ways to
improve cost-efficiencies and productivity," said Hank Lambert, chief executive
officer of EFS Network. "The Sun ONE strategy for services on demand, with its
ease of integration into a company's existing infrastructure, combined with Model N's order management software, will allow our member companies to be more competitive in the marketplace, increase customer service levels and, ultimately, increase bottom-line results."

"One of the most important principles behind Sun ONE is giving customers choice and simplicity to leverage their current investments," said Marge Breya, vice president for Sun ONE at Sun Microsystems. "By using open standards, we ensure that the various elements of Sun ONE integrate easily into a company's existing infrastructure, thereby shortening implementation times and costs. EFS Network's member companies will benefit from the electronic exchange of critical transaction data, the reduction in EDI operating costs and through improved relationships with their trading partners."