Reality Check

Entigo updates warranty management solution in Reality 3.0 suite

Vienna, VA  February 26, 2002  Sell-side software provider Entigo rolled out version 3.0 its Reality suite, which the solution provider said will allow manufacturers and their channel partners to manage all aspects of marketing, selling and servicing their products in real time on the Web.

The new release includes upgraded versions of Entigo's Catalog, Order, Warranty and Reality Builder applications.

New features in Warranty, a Web-based claims management system, include the ability to track and recover warranty costs on supplied component parts, automated intelligent claims processing and comprehensive reporting. In general, the software automates the after-the-sale service interaction between manufacturers, channel partners, suppliers and customers. Entigo said Warranty gives manufacturers the ability analyze their warranty claim data, enabling them to identify and address product failures and quality issues quickly, thereby protecting brand image and improving customer satisfaction.

"Businesses lose millions of dollars annually as a result of inefficient and outdated warranty practices," said Mark Demers, vice president of marketing and business development at Entigo. "The automotive industry in North America alone spends more than $8.5 billion a year on warranty claims."

Demers said that intelligent warranty management involves more than automating the business process of registering products and paying claims. Rather, it represents a paradigm shift that that can create strategic competitive advantage. "Warranty management will be revolutionized these next two years as manufacturers realize the only way to reduce the millions lost to warranty claims, respond quickly to product quality issues and reclaim monies owed to them by suppliers due to the failure of faulty component parts is to streamline and automate the warranty process," Demers said.

The new version of Reality Builder includes new features that improve the speed and ease of deploying the applications in the Reality suite, according to Entigo. The Reality Builder application combines an e-commerce platform with framework that allows users to graphically develop business processes, integrate with backend systems and adapt to changes in real time.

With version 3.0, manufacturers can now more quickly and efficiently customize the out-of-the-box Reality applications to meet the needs of changing market conditions, business processes and growth within the organization, Entigo said.

Entigo Reality applications run on BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere or any Java Beans (J2EE)-compliant server. Entigo Reality pricing starts at $400,000 and version 3.0 is available immediately.