SeeBeyond Targets Chemical Industry

Integrator adds ChemXML 2.0.1 support to partner management solution

Redwood Shores, CA  March 18, 2002  B2B integration specialist SeeBeyond officially rolled out support for chemical industry e-commerce protocol CIDX ChemXML 2.0.1 in the integrator's e*Xchange Partner Manager product.

ChemXML 2.0.1 is a uniform standard of data exchange developed specifically for the buying, selling and delivery of chemicals.

By including support of the protocol in the e*Xchange product, SeeBeyond said it can provide customers in the chemical industry with the ability to manage trading partners via a Web-based interface for both the administration and tracking of trading partners' profiles, ultimately making it easier and cheaper for anyone associated with the chemical industry to implement and support value-chain integration.

Inclusion of the protocol in the solution will allow trading partners to manage their own profiles through the Web, which SeeBeyonds said will guarantee the privacy of sensitive company information.

"e*Xchange 4.5.2 allows our customers in the chemicals industry to create broader market reach, reduce costs and increase efficiency through integration," said Richard Clements, director of product marketing for SeeBeyond. "Our partner management solution helps our customers better compete by eliminating unnecessary manual information handling and automating the flow of data in and out of the enterprise."

Support for the CIDX ChemXML 2.0.1 protocol has been generally available since January 2002.