Ingenuus Pre-announces PDM Solutions

Web-based product data management solution integrates with ERP, CAD

Livermore, CA  March 20, 2002  Business process automation specialist Ingenuus Corp. this week pre-announced a Web-based product data management solution that the company claims can be implemented in just 90 days.

Ingenuus said its Smart Product Data Manager (Smart PDM) automates the management of part definition, bills of material (BOMs), part drawings and related engineering change requests (ECRs) and engineering change orders (ECOs).

"Many companies, even highly efficient ones, do a poor job of managing parts, BOMs, ECRs and ECOs, because their technology neither automates the relevant processes nor integrates with other vital systems such as [enterprise resource planning] and [computer-aided design]," said Michael Carroll, chairman and CEO of Ingenuus Corp.

Smart PDM is built on top of Ingenuus' Coordinated Execution (CE) Platform, a Web-based platform for automating business processes. The CE Platform comes with best-practices process templates designed for particular business solutions.

Smart PDM is due to hit the market early in the second quarter.