Dell Taps Viewlocity for SCEM

Computer giant to apply supply chain event management solution to reverse logistics

Atlanta  April 1, 2002  Computer manufacturer Dell is set to use a supply chain event management solution from Viewlocity to support the company's supply chain compression initiatives.

Austin, Texas-based Dell will use Viewlocity's TradeSync Software Suite within its Americas operations Dell to ensure efficiency and performance for "reverse logistics," the management of return and repair operations, according to the solution provider.

Dell estimates that the solution will reach full deployment in July.

Viewlocity said its solutions allow companies to monitor their extended supply chains for events and exceptions that could impact their ability to fulfill customer orders, satisfy inventory needs and manage shipping requirements.

Dell settled on the Viewlocity solution after reviewing alternative potential suppliers that included the major supply chain management and order management companies, according to Viewlocity.

"It is very gratifying to have a company like Dell, recognized around the world as a leader in supply chain management, buy into our approach to SCEM," said Jeffrey Simpson, Viewlocity's CEO. "We think Viewlocity's ability to leverage a company's existing [information technology] and applications infrastructure was a clear differentiator."