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Siebel Systems to embed webMethods integration platform in Siebel Application Network

San Mateo, CA and Fairfax, VA  April 9, 2002  webMethods, Inc. recently announced its plans to extend the webMethods integration platform to support the Siebel Application Network. The partnership is an attempt to leverage Siebel Systems' CRM domain expertise and strength in industry-specific business processes and tools, and webMethods' strength in application networking infrastructure to provide customers with a standards-based application network

As a part of this relationship, webMethods will also be the first embedded integration platform technology offered as a part of the Siebel Application Network product offering. Working closely with Siebel Systems, Inc., one of the more mammoth providers of e-business applications software, webMethods will enhance its integration server to allow it to run standards-based business processes delivered by Siebel Application Network.

Siebel Application Network is a standards-based solution aimed at solving complex business process integration problems across the enterprise. Siebel Application Network consists of three major components: a business process library, a business process design tool, and an integration server. The business process library provides a set of prepackaged business processes, which are standards-based and independent of both the underlying applications and the integration server. The business process design tool provides an intuitive graphical interface for configuring and extending business processes.

The webMethods integration platform will be specifically enhanced to execute standards-based business processes and will be embedded in Siebel Application Network to operate as a pre-integrated, out-of-the-box integration server component. The result is a customer-centric solution aimed at reducing the need for customization, minimizing complexity, speeding deployment, and delivering a low total cost of ownership.

"Through Siebel Application Network, customers will be able to easily and cost-effectively integrate any of the Siebel eBusiness Applications to other applications using standards-based out-of-the-box functionality," said David Mitchell, President and COO of webMethods. "Siebel Systems is creating an incredibly aggressive integration solution, making it as easy as possible for customers to deploy Siebel eBusiness Applications and to extract additional value from their application investments. We applaud Siebel Systems' forward thinking and find it perfectly aligned with our ongoing efforts to reduce the total costs of integration for customers."

"Siebel Application Network represents the future of business process integration," said David Schmaier, Executive Vice President, Siebel Systems. "webMethods' advanced technology, expertise, and proven track record in integration infrastructure, combined with Siebel Systems' domain expertise in customer-facing business processes, will deliver a superior solution to our customers."