TIBCO Reels in Energy Customers

Exelon unit, Planergy to use provider's integration solutions to reduce costs

Houston  April 12, 2002  A pair of new energy-sector customers this week signed up to use integration solutions from TIBCO Software.

Exelon Power Team, the wholesale power marketing and energy-based financial-trading division of Exelon, will use TIBCO technology as the integration platform for its enterprise applications and systems, while Planergy International, a provider of utility load management services, will use TIBCO solutions to provide seamless integration and delivery of business critical information for its EnergyLinks portal.

TIBCO made the new customer announcements in conjunction with its fourth annual energy conference in Houston on April 11 and 12.

Chicago-based Exelon is one of the nation's largest electric utilities with approximately 5 million customers in Illinois and Pennsylvania, and more than $15 billion in annual revenues. Using TIBCO's ActiveEnterprise solution, Exelon Power Team is able to integrate its disparate systems and applications, resulting, TIBCO says, in streamlined performance and significant cost savings.

The Exelon division relies on a number of different, often incompatible systems and applications to meet its daily business needs, and the company is using TIBCO's enterprise integration solutions to create a corporate-wide infrastructure, linking Exelon's scheduling systems, financial trading and risk management systems, generating plant schedulers and settlement tools. TIBCO software will allow Exelon Power Team to control the flow of messaging between systems and automate business process workflows.

"Exelon Power Team markets the power of one of the largest generation portfolios in the country," said Michael Erdlen, vice president of information technology at Exelon. "It is critical that all of our business systems work in concert to provide us with the most accurate and up-to-date data. The TIBCO solution serves as the intelligent glue holding together all of our systems. This glue is required to ensure that relevant data is passed immediately and accurately from one system to another  and sometimes back again  before it is needed by the business users."

According to the solution provider, by providing the key to connect all major systems in the Exelon Power Team network, TIBCO ActiveEnterprise affords visibility to real-time data and enables managers and employees to make more informed and intelligent decisions and helping to reduce costs and cycle times.

Murat Sonmez, senior vice president for TIBCO Software, said, "We created an enterprise architecture for Exelon that would not only integrate all its existing systems, but that would also provide flexibility for new systems and applications that may be added to the network in the future."

Planergy's EnergyLinks portal is an energy management solution designed to enable commercial and industrial enterprises to maximize energy efficiencies, reduce risk and minimize their total cost of energy. Planergy will use TIBCO's ActiveEnterprise and ActivePortal solution to provide integration and information delivery for the portal.

EnergyLinks helps commercial and industrial enterprises manage operations to eliminate waste and reduce energy use, the third largest operating expense in these industries today. By providing access to facilities and energy information, EnergyLinks can increase operational efficiencies and decreases costs associated with energy management. TIBCO is providing the technology platform for the portal, making it possible for Planergy to monitor and deliver previously unavailable energy data that affect business decisions enterprise-wide.

With ActiveEnterprise in place, Planergy can gather operational data from disparate sources inside and outside the customer's facility and integrate this information into a single source for monitoring and reporting. ActivePortal enables the portal to deliver this information to customers in real-time via an executive dashboard, allowing Planergy's customers to monitor energy operations and usage and potentially make decisions regarding operations faster and easier, reducing energy waste and cutting unnecessary energy expenditures.

"After an exhaustive search, we chose TIBCO based on the strength of its integration technology, the ease of use and seamless communications made possible by ActivePortal, and the scalability of the solution," said Howard Cann, CEO of Planergy. "With TIBCO's integration and portal solutions powering EnergyLinks, we can provide our customers with access to real-time, critical data that helps them better manage their energy use and spending."

"Accessibility to up-to-the-minute data and real-time interactivity with this data has become essential to reducing risk and decreasing energy-related operating expenses," said Murat Sonmez, senior vice president for TIBCO Software. "TIBCO's solutions enhance the viability of Planergy's EnergyLinks Portal and enable business efficiencies and cost savings for both Planergy and its customers."