Service (Parts) with a Smile

UPS Logistics teams with Baxter Planning Systems for improved service parts logistics

ATLANTA  April 15, 2002  UPS Supply Chain Solutions has announced that it is broadening the service parts logistics (SPL) capabilities of its UPS Logistics Group. 

In order to do this, UPS Logistics Group has formed an in-house parts planning team to expand its forecasting capabilities and services like detailed calculations of appropriate inventory levels, location and expected demand. 

Baxter Planning Systems was selected by UPS Logistics as its preferred provider of parts planning software. Baxter's planning solution, Prophet by Baxter", fully integrates with UPS Logistics' technology platform, a system that allows customers to see when and where inventory is moving throughout the UPS Logistics network and on to the end-customer.    

The company's global solution includes storage, returns, repairs, management of clients' critical spares inventory, tracking of end-to-end parts movement and expedited delivery to meet stringent warranty obligations and minimize operational downtime. Parts planning identifies ways to balance the cost of holding inventory against the penalties of warranty contracts by having the right parts at the right place and right time, without extra inventory sitting idle. 

A pre-planned service parts network can tighten post-sales service costs and at the same time boost customer service, explained Bob Stoffel, senior vice president and COO of Service Parts Logistics, UPS Logistics Group. Our parts planning services will help customers determine what parts to buy or repair, when to buy or repair them and where to stock them in order to ensure customer service obligations are met.

The enhanced services will initially launch in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to expand soon into Europe and Asia. The new service supplements UPS Logistics' current network and site planning service that advises clients on appropriate transportation modes, where to put distribution centers and inventory, and how to utilize supply chain technology to operate more efficiently.