Mobile iConvers-ation

iConverse teams with Indus to make EAM mobile

WALTHAM, Mass. and ATLANTA April 19, 2002  iConverse, a mobile application platform provider, and Indus International, a global supplier of enterprise asset management (EAM) software and services, announced they have entered a strategic licensing agreement to bridge Indus' enterprise asset management applications to the mobile channel.

Under the terms of the agreement, Indus will integrate the iConverse Mobility Platform(tm) into its portfolio of EAM offerings to help Indus customers maximize the productivity of mobile asset management workers. Indus will also market, sell and service EAM solutions created with the iConverse Mobility Platform.

Indus' new mobile offering will empower customers' mobile workers to better manage assets and increase the rate at which they can service customers. Indus mobile application end-users will be able to access and interact with essential asset management applications while in the field, regardless of network availability, and communicate asset-intensive information back to the enterprise for faster and more efficient tracking and order fulfilling.

Through its strategic partnership with iConverse, Indus hopes to meet an increasingly important market demand: highly functional mobile workforce applications. According to industry analysts, enterprises are in need of robust mobile business applications that streamline and extend essential business processes like enterprise resource planning, supply chain and asset management to the mobile channel. One of the factors hindering enterprise mobile application deployment to this point has been the lack of highly functional applications that can be accessed in any mode of mobile operation-connected, disconnected and intermittently connected.

"The real promise of ubiquitous computing lies in the ability of mobile workers to access fully functional enterprise applications at the point of business," said Steve Drake, Program Manager with IDC's Mobile Infrastructure Software service. "Bridging the network gap to provide ubiquitous access for employee-facing applications like enterprise asset management, healthcare practice management and field force automation will dramatically increase the rate of productivity at which employees can perform and services can be rendered."