Lightning-speed Automation

3PL provider has warehouse operations up in one week

Dallas  April 26, 2002  Supply chain execution (SCE) software provider EXE Technologies Inc. announced that third party logistics (3PL) provider Saddle Creek Corp. has automated its Fortune 500 customer warehouse operations in as little as one week when implementing EXE's EXceed Fulfill.

Saddle Creek, which provides warehousing, transportation, contract packaging and integrated logistics services for global customers, decided in 1998 to use EXceed Fulfill as its warehouse management system (WMS).

According to EXE, its EXceed software delivers the data required for Saddle Creek to drive competitive pricing, customer service startup and ongoing operations for top-tier global brands such as Nestle, Borden, Canon Corp., Dial Corp., Gallo Wines, International Foods, Phillip Morris, Pillsbury, and RJ Reynolds.

Saddle Creek's full range of customers' needs include storage (both bonded and non-bonded), transactions and transportation of foods, tax-regulated beverages and tobacco, and fragile high-technology pre-assembled products. Saddle Creek and its customers demand accuracy of inventory that will allow Saddle Creek and its customers to store, move and recall inventory, as well as comply with a variety of global, federal, state, and local tax laws.

"Saddle Creek is growing very fast and excellent service is key to that success. Our clients require us to efficiently automate new warehouse sites and quickly make them operational and profitable," commented Woody Blaylock, chief information officer for Saddle Creek Corp. "If required, we're able to move into a building and have EXceed Fulfill up and running within a week. We have in-house experts in both warehouse operations and EXceed Fulfill software  so working together with the customer operations team, we deliver the shortest lead time possible."