Not Child's Play

ICC completes Babyfair, Inc. rollout

NEW YORK  May 7, 2002  Internet Commerce Corporation (ICC), an e-commerce B2B communication services market, today announced the completed trading partner rollout of Babyfair Inc., a high-end infant wear manufacturer. Babyfair is a customer of the ICC business partner reseller, Apparel Data Systems, a resource and software solution for the sewn goods and accessory industries.

Stewart Schlein, IT Director of Babyfair, Inc., stated, "We have been using ICC.NET as our VAN for about three months now. It has done everything promised and more. The sends and receives of our EDI transactions are super fast over the Internet and they integrate into the Apparel Data Systems applications seamlessly. No more dialups from archaic modems, and our EDI bills have been reduced by 70%. In addition, the conversion from our prior VAN went very smoothly. We just sent ICC a trading partner list, and they handled most of the administration for us. I would definitely recommend ICC.NET to anyone needing an EDI solution."

Mark Waldorf, Director of Sales & Marketing for Apparel Data Systems said, "Partnering with ICC has continued to pay dividends for us. Linking ICC.NET with our ERP 9001 enables retailers to take complete charge of the business process. Our clients benefit from a universal stability and reliability while gaining a highly enhanced functionality."

G. Michael Cassidy, President & Chief Executive Officer of ICC, stated, "ICC's important relationships with our key resellers like Apparel Data Systems is clearly demonstrated with Babyfair's successful rollout. Through such alliances, ICC is able to leverage our strengths in the retail industry, the heaviest users of EDI."