Free Trial from IPNet

Provider offers connectivity solution to link SMEs to large retail organizations

Newport Beach, CA  May 28, 2002  B2B connectivity specialist IPNet Solutions is offering free, 45-day trials of its BizManager BizConnect product in a bid to encourage small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to connect electronically with their large retailer customers.

"We're so confident that users will experience immediate benefits from installing and using BizConnect, that we've offered it to them to try, free," said Colleen Edwards, vice president of corporate marketing at IPNet.

"Many SMEs are still conducting transactions with their retail partners manually," Edwards explained. "Others are tired of paying unnecessary [value-added network (VAN)] fees and want to migrate their transactions to the Internet. IPNet is handing them a no-hassle, low cost way to securely exchange data, instantly improving efficiency and reducing EDI [electronic data interchange] fees."

The trial software, which can be downloaded from the IPNet Web site, comes pre-installed with data exchange information for several large retail organizations. Users are given the ability to choose up to 10 different connections for their trial period. Also included in the trial are step-by-step instructions for configuring trading partner connectivity, setting up security certificates and tracking transactions.

"The whole process is quite simple," Edwards said. "These trial users can begin exchanging [purchase orders], invoices and other data with their trading partners securely over the Internet the same day they install the software."

At the end of the 45-day trial period, users are given the option to either purchase the solution or simply walk away. They are under no obligation to continue using the product.

IPNet says that BizConnect, a PC-based data exchange solution designed for SMEs, provides the functionality needed to securely exchange data with partners using other IPNet products or third-party solutions. BizConnect supports industry standards, enabling companies to exchange any data type via any transport for flexible partner connectivity.