Don't Mess with a Texas Supply Chain

Texas A&M Univ. builds comprehensive Supply Chain Systems Lab,uses tools from Selltis, Siemens and Prelude Systems

NEW ORLEANSJune 11, 2002Selltis LLC, a provider of industrial sales automation software, announced that it will be included in the Supply Chain Systems Lab at Texas A&M University as part of a comprehensive research and educational initiative for the school's Industrial Distribution programs. Selltis offers a sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution mapped specifically to the industrial sales process.
Texas A&M's Supply Chain Systems Lab is accessed by the University's Industrial Distribution programs at every level, including approximately 650 undergraduate, 20-80 graduate, and 300-500 continuing education students each year. Additionally, numerous faculty members and graduate students use the Lab to conduct millions of dollars of research each year for the distribution community as a whole, including major corporations throughout the U.S.
Selltis will be used in conjunction with enterprise resource planning (ERP), automation, and logistics solutions to create a complete supply chain system environment in the Lab, where Texas A&M students and faculty can test real data and solve real problems. Users will be able to simulate the industrial supply chain process from start to finish, capturing customer data and moving it through every stage of the supply chain down to the factory floor.
Selltis' built-in functionality directly addresses the unique and complex problems and processes of our industry, enabling us to create the real-world environment we need to drive our research and educational programs, explained Barry Lawrence, Director of the Supply Chain Systems Lab. A key example is Selltis' ability to streamline the front-end' of the sales cycle to enable collaborative forecasting  a critical need in the industry that our students and researchers must be able to use and understand.
In addition to Selltis, the Supply Chain Systems Lab will include a distributor ERP solution from Prelude Systems and automation technology from Siemens Energy & Automation and Rockwell Automation, as well as systems for manufacturing ERP and logistics.