No More Pouting about Routing

Companies like offer ASPs for freight routing management

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Bohemia, NYJune 10, 2002To the relief of many logistics providers and managers, there are companies emerging which are devoted to replacing traditional printed compliance or instruction manuals and enabling revisions and updates to be made instantly rather than quarterly or annually.

Logistics Plus, a logistics services company, announced its use of to manage the routing instructions and compliance programs of its clientele. enables Logistics Plus to post and manage the routing instructions including carrier assignments and rules of engagement of its clients on the web with immediate communications to vendors, carriers and others involved in the actual movement of goods. 

According to Jim Berlin, CEO at Logistics Plus (LP), There are a lot of high flying logistics companies out there. The problem is, the higher you fly, the less detail you see. LP sweats the details to save our customers both time and money. Our experienced, resourceful team provides personal attention and our trademark passion for excellence has saved customers millions of dollars. 

According to Dan Lynch, of Logistics Plus, is terrific and the "user friendliness" is much appreciated.  Shippers usually imbed routing guides within a Vendor Compliance or Instructions manual. Shippers, their vendors, customers and carriers then use the guides as a source of total information surrounding the rules of engagement between the buyer and seller. Instructions required at each point in the logistics process are located and identified, and the manual passes through many hands as supplies and finished products move along the supply chain. Because neither content nor form is standardized, exceptions and changes are usually difficult to identify.

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