Banking on e-Metrics

ABN AMRO to use Web analytics tool to improve employee portal

Chicago  June 26, 2002  Dutch-based banking giant ABN AMRO is set to use a tool from CustomerCentric Solutions to gain insight into the use of its new employee portal and to garner metrics for measuring the success of this e-business initiative.

ABN AMRO, one of the world's largest banks, with total assets of around $600 billion and a presence in over 60 countries, has a corporate culture that emphasizes teamwork and the sharing of global skills and resources.

With those goals in mind, the bank recently implemented an internally designed business-to-employee portal to move work processes to the Web and facilitate global interactions among employees. The new communications infrastructure is projected to save the company more than $170 million over a five-year period.

The portal's success relies heavily on the underlying information and receptivity of employees. Rather than simply roll out a questionnaire to gather employee feedback on the portal, ABN AMRO is embedding CustomerCentric NetGenesis solution into the infrastructure. CustomerCentric Solutions' approach to analytics involves the application of "e-metrics"  metrics for measuring the success of e-business initiatives  to provide insight into how employees use the portal.

"Having a system in place to provide reporting on portal usage is vital to understanding if employees are finding it useful," said Jeannine Lehman, senior vice president of wholesale clients e-commerce at ABN AMRO. Lehman said the bank would use the solution to monitor employee satisfaction and increase the utility of the portal.

Specifically, ABN AMRO will use the solution to determine which applications within the portal are not being used and why; discover whether the content is useful or too difficult to navigate; and monitor the sharing of information between offices and determine if staff is reverting to previous methods.

ABN AMRO is hoping that the e-metrics derived from the portal will reveal trends and issues that will drive staff development. For example, the metrics that are gained have the potential to correlate aspects of portal usage and staff retention to predict employee churn so that steps can be taken to retain them. The company also is looking at ways to apply e-metrics to generate recommendations for courses and training.

"By leveraging analytics to discover and understand user behavior, ABN AMRO is equipped with information to improve its portal initiative and achieve employee satisfaction simultaneously," said Sue Phelan, president of CustomerCentic Solutions, which is a division of SPSS Inc.

All of ABN AMRO's Corporate Center and Wholesale Banking employees, located in approximately 50 countries, will be linked to phase one of the portal by the end of this year.