Blue Martini Ships Relationship Marketing App

Software designed to centrally manage cross-channel customer communications

San Mateo, CA  June 27, 2002  Customer relationship management specialist Blue Martini Software this week began shipping a new application designed to enable marketers to centrally orchestrate the management of customer communications across multiple channels and touch-points throughout the customer lifecycle.

Blue Martini said its Relationship Marketing application enables marketers to engage in multi-step, cross-channel "dialogs"  personalized, event-driven campaigns  designed to attract new customers, increase the profitability of existing customers and provide better service over the lifetime of the relationship.

According to the solution provider, the application can help companies increase customer spending through loyalty programs by allowing the firms to encourage customer movement to higher tiers in the program. For example, when a customer is close to reaching a new tier (say, from gold to platinum) an event kicks off in the software that triggers multi-channel communications via points-of-sale, call centers and Web sites, as well as e-mail and direct mail messages, to encourage buying to get to the next tier.

The software can help increase average gift registry value by encouraging registrants to add additional items to their registry, based on the current value of the registry, when items are purchased or when there are not enough items for others to buy.

The application is also designed to help improve response rates to campaigns by using techniques that test, target and synchronize messages to particular customer at the right time, and to manage returns by communicating to customers or customer service representatives the return options for a specific customer, such as return, exchange or retain.

Relationship Marketing also delivers traditional campaign management functionality such as audience creation, multi-channel treatments, automatically generated response codes and list management.

Blue Martini offers Relationship Marketing, which currently is shipping as a standalone application or as part of the provider's Marketing Suite and the company's industry solutions for retail and manufacturing.