Mobilizing CRM

SalesLogix and Vaultus partner

Scottsdale, AZ, and New York  June 27, 2002  SalesLogix, a provider of mid-market customer relationship management (CRM) software, will be partnering with SalesLogix customers and prospects with a mobile CRM solution for Pocket PC handheld computers. According to the company, Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix will benefit both existing SalesLogix customers looking to increase access to their SalesLogix information, as well as prospects interested in accessing larger data sets than mobile access previously enabled.

Many of our existing customers have been requesting a solution to enable them access to all of their SalesLogix data from their PDA [personal digital assistant], not just a conventional look-up of PIM data such as contact information, said Kevin Myers, vice president of SalesLogix strategic account sales. Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix enables mobile users to perform account and opportunity management, as well as data gathering while in the field. This product is a direct complement to our existing laptop and Web-based offerings.

Vaultus CEO Kevin Reilley added, We share a common vision that the empowerment of mobile workers with the most up-to-date customer data is a key business requirement in today's extremely competitive sales environment. Fully functional CRM mobility isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix is a client/server solution that provides secure mobile access to SalesLogix data from a Pocket PC Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). It provides cradle, dial-up, and/or wireless synchronization of data, the integration of online and offline operations regardless of network connectivity, and centralized remote administration that controls access.

Vaultus and SalesLogix began their collaboration during the implementation of the first pilot of Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix at Cyberonics, a developer of medical devices for the treatment of patients with epilepsy and other debilitating disorders. When the pilot phase is complete, Cyberonics will deploy the solution to their entire mobile sales force.

We chose Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix because it allows our sales force to access our SalesLogix data on a Pocket PC even when they are not connected to a network, said Robert Cummins, Cyberonics' chairman and CEO. It enables our sales force to be more productive, ensures that sales information is captured while it is still fresh, and makes the most current sales information available to all members of the sales team, no matter where they are.