All Aboard for Procurement

ICG Commerce, partner for transportation procurement

Burlington, MA and Philadelphia  July 3, 2002  ICG Commerce, a Procurement Services Provider, will be using's OptiBid transportation sourcing technology for its customers to source worldwide multi-modal transportation contracts.

Over 35 Fortune 500 shippers and 2,000 carriers have used OptiBid to procure more than $8 billion in transportation services. OptiBid is a Web-based solution that allows shippers to source for transportation online, standardize requests for quotes and collaborate with carriers. By using the OptiBid solution, ICG Commerce said it is going to have the ability to benchmark its customers' current transportation costs against the market and determine the best sourcing strategy to meet customers' specific requirements.

Additionally, ICG Commerce will recommend's OptiManage to its transportation sourcing customers as a transportation management, or execution, tool. OptiManage is integrated with OptiBid to ensure optimal contract compliance and shipper savings retention between the sourcing and execution phases.

"ICG Commerce has always demonstrated the deep sourcing and category expertise necessary to negotiate savings on behalf of our customers," said Bill Toler, president of North America Operations for ICG Commerce. "Our partnership with equips our transportation experts with leading sourcing tools that will enable us to generate even greater value for our customers."