Upgrade from G-Log

Beefs up visibility, execution capabilities in transportation management and freight optimization system

Shelton, CT  July 16, 2002  Logistics solution provider G-Log today rolled out version 3.5 of its flagship application, adding new visibility and execution capabilities to the transportation management and freight optimization system.

The solution provider also reported today that it had closed its tenth consecutive fiscal quarter of revenue growth.

G-Log said its Global Command and Control Center (GC3) version 3.5 can help shippers and logistics service providers optimize shipments across the supply chain, regardless of business unit, mode or geography. The company is particularly emphasizing the new functionality for supply chain event management, allowing for more proactive control over logistics, and new optimization features.

The GC3 application, based on Web architecture and a global data model, is capable of handling the lifecycle of an order and shipment from planning to settlement, and the software can handle multiple languages, currencies and custom requirements, according to the solution provider.

Jim Mooney, chief technology officer at G-Log, said the new release would allow users to see every order, monitor for exceptions and react in real time to optimize shipments. "With additional supply chain event management functionality, this latest release extends our vision of a holistic approach to global logistics," said Mooney, who pointed to the 25-plus new features added to the current release of the application.

The software's event monitoring and event analysis capabilities provide proactive problem detection and decision support for problem resolution, while the integration of planning, visibility and event management in one application gives G-Log customers ongoing visibility to every shipment and the corresponding status information, the software company asserted. The monitoring capabilities should give users the ability to react to supply chain hiccups to ensure shipments are completed in the most optimal way possible.

Mooney highlighted the software's distribution center optimization capabilities, which can take warehouse constraints and optimize across the warehouse and transportation for an optimal logistics plan. The new version also is more configurable, beefing up the application's reporting capabilities and improving usability and navigation in the application based on feedback from a recent customer survey.

The software company also added new functionality for handling ocean shipping from rating, routing, management and execution through supply chain event management and settlement.

G-Log said it is typically able to install the new software in less than 100 days. The return on investment in the new software, according to the solution provider, includes the ability to retire legacy systems, 12 to 15 percent reductions in freight costs and a one- to two-day reduction in logistics lifecycles. G-Log also cited reduced total cost of ownership by using just one system to manage the entire transportation and logistics lifecycle, as well as improved customer service that the solution enables.

Chemical company DuPont, for example, is looking to retire its mainframe legacy applications and replace them with G-Log's Web-based technology, which should be less expensive to run and maintain. In addition, customers and suppliers now have access to logistics information through an Internet browser, and DuPont business units have better access to global logistics data.

G-Log said that pricing for GC3 version 3.5 software and associated professional services is based on the customer's requirements. The new version of the application is available immediately.

In addition, G-Log also reported this week that it had closed its tenth consecutive fiscal quarter with revenue growth, closing deals with such companies as Brown Shoe, FedEx, Giant Eagle and The Spiegel Group.

"After a rigorous review of competitive transportation and logistics systems late last year, we implemented G-Log's GC3 solution knowing all along that we would eventually phase in a larger deployment," said David Ready, vice president of transportation for distribution fulfillment services, the logistics arm of The Spiegel Group. "With G-Log's scalable architecture, we have been able to add new functionality to our transportation and logistics offering. Simply put, the G-Log solution helps to optimize our supply chain and reduce the risk of failure."