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Harwood International to use Indus InSite for improved facility maintenance

Atlanta  July 25, 2002  Indus International Inc., a global supplier of enterprise asset management (EAM) software and services, announced that multinational property management firm Harwood International has chosen Indus InSite to improve its facility maintenance systems.

According to Indus International, the solution offers Web-based interface and decision support tools that turns Harwood's complex building-related data into business intelligence, delivering the information to appropriate personnel regardless of geographical location, internal IT infrastructure or native language. Using InSite, Harwood's tenants and tenant coordinators will need only a standard Web browser and an Internet connection to record problems, log service requests, check the status of logged requests and view a history of maintenance activities.

Through its role-based Inbox interface, InSite will then automatically deliver pertinent information to the tenant coordinators, maintenance engineers and other users, giving them the information they need to perform assigned tasks.

Responses to tenant requests aren't the only things that will be accelerated, according to Harwood International President Doug Walker. "InSite will also accelerate our [return on investment] on the system, because as a hosted service it will streamline implementation and eliminate the need for a huge upfront capital investment," he said.

Indus International said InSite is also going to help Harwood improve its communication with suppliers by allowing them to log service requests at a central location on their Web homepage, regardless of the nature of the problem. Indus said this capability eliminates the need to remember multiple phone numbers for different issues, like elevators or HVAC. Furthermore, tenants now have access to the status of their service requests from anywhere they have an Internet connection, and will even see to whom the request was assigned.

Harwood is investigating improving their communication and responsiveness even further by equipping maintenance engineers with wireless devices. Through wireless connection to InSite, engineers would be immediately notified of service requests requiring their attention regardless of their physical location in the building or on the grounds.

"Indus InSite provides an important tool for enhancing our reputation for personal service, strengthening our relationships, and improving our operational effectiveness  key values by which we measure every action taken at Harwood International," said Thomas "Tap" Pritchard, Harwood chief operating officer and general manager. "By offering a more automated and easily accessible maintenance solution to our tenants,
InSite also helps provide greater client satisfaction and tenant retention  which helps us deliver another key value: profitability."