Motorola Broadband Goes for a SpinCircuit

Adds data interchange platform to Preferred Parts Program in bid to improve supplier collaboration

San Jose, CA  August 13, 2002  Motorola Broadband Communications Sector has tapped SpinCircuit's Private Data Interchange (PDI) Server Platform 5.0 to add supplier collaboration capabilities to its Preferred Parts Program.

SpinCircuit provides supply chain solutions to companies designing and manufacturing electronic products. SpinCircuit said PDI Server allows supply chain partners to share component information between only two partners or from one partner to many, improving designer-supplier-manufacturer collaboration on component data and helping to lower product costs, increase on-contract spend and reduce design cycles.

Motorola Broadband's Preferred Parts Program uses PDI Server to automate the collection and facilitate the delivery of component lifecycle and availability data directly to key decisions makers in the design process, such as engineers and procurement professionals. This provides Motorola the ability to automatically assign a "preferred" rating to components, enabling increased use of strategic suppliers that ultimately leads to savings through increased volume purchases.

The solution provider said that Motorola Broadband chose PDI Server because of the product's ability to provide up-to-date component data automatically from suppliers to end users designing and collaborating on new products.

"Access to dynamic, fresh component data is absolutely key to the success of our Preferred Parts Program," said Trish Henry, Motorola Broadband's manager for computer-aided design (CAD) library automation. Henry said PDI Server would provide a secure means for sharing part data directly with materials organizations and design teams at Motorola.

SpinCircuit said PDI Server also benefits suppliers, enabling them to dynamically manage and automatically publish data directly and securely to their customers and prospects, and also providing a platform from which pre-release information, reference designs, contract pricing, competitive and replacement data can be instantaneously, privately and securely published.