Making Connectivity Stick at Epoxy Maker

Houston company using integration solution to connect with customers, suppliers

Houston, TX  August 14, 2002  Resolution Performance Products has completed the first phase of an integration project designed to provide a cost-effective way for the company to connect to key vendors, customers and logistics providers.

RPP, a leading manufacturer and developer of epoxy resins and the top global manufacturer of versatic acids and derivatives, is in the midst of an information technology project intended to increase productivity, lower operational costs, meet varied customer demands and provide RPP's decision makers with better, timelier information.

As part of this broader project, Novoforum, a connectivity solution provider for manufacturing and energy companies, has been working to integrate its "NovoChain" infrastructure into the overall information technology and telecommunication systems upgrade at RPP.

The Novoforum solution is intended to provide a cost effective means for RPP to connect to its partners, customers and suppliers in a secure and reliable manner that allows for significant scaling as the information technology project rolls out across RPP's business.

"Novoforum's ... hosted infrastructure is helping to ensure we are connected to key partners in our supply chain," said Hanna Lukosavich, RPP vice president and chief information officer. "As a result, we can work more efficiently and effectively."

RPP was formerly owned by Royal Dutch Shell.