Home Improvement Retailer Gets Connected

Selects ADX Network for supply base

Newark, CA  August 15, 2002  Advanced Data Exchange (ADX) has been chosen by Do it Best Corp. to provide outsourced Internet electronic data interchange (EDI) services for its mid-size and small suppliers to electronically connect their entire supply base. Under the terms of the agreement, ADX will develop a program to recruit and enable mid-size and small suppliers of Do it Best Corp. to trade electronically through the ADX Network.

ADX explained that major retailers in the home improvement industry typically establish EDI connections with their large suppliers to send and receive business documents electronically. However, the majority of the suppliers in this industry cannot afford traditional EDI. These smaller firms continue to manage transaction processing through fax and mail, which costs their large trading partners millions of dollars each year due to the inefficiencies associated with non-electronic document exchange.

ADX said its ADX Network addresses this problem with an outsourced translation service. Large enterprises like Do it Best Corp. partner with ADX to connect suppliers to ADX Network, enabling the suppliers to conduct EDI transactions without the costs or complexity of purchasing or installing traditional EDI systems. With ADX, the company said, the large enterprise can leverage its existing EDI or XML systems to expand electronic trading relationships to small suppliers. In turn, smaller enterprises use ADX as a complete outsourced translation.

"Do it Best Corp. exchanges documents with more than 6,000 suppliers," said James McLauchlin, Do it Best Corp. EDI analyst. "Today, one third of those suppliers can exchange business documents electronically. With ADX's help, we're going to extend an electronic connection to all of our suppliers and, in the process, eliminate substantial costs associated with paper-based transactions."