Process Analysis Tool Debuts

New solution provides visibility into business processes, helps identify bottlenecks, FileNET said

Costa Mesa, CA  August 26, 2002  FileNET, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, today took the wraps off its new reporting and analytics tool designed to help enterprises optimize their business operations and increase the returns they realize from their business process management (BPM) investment.

FileNET said its Process Analyzer offers a graphical interface that provides visibility into business processes with tracking metrics and reports. For customer service intensive organizations, the application can help manage performance by analyzing key elements of business operations, such as the types of inquiries processed, processing cycle times, customer response times and productivity per employee.

The solution provider said this BPM process-analysis tool should help users avoid costly and time-consuming integration associated with "add-on" analytics packages by offering integration with FileNET's own enterprise content management framework.

End-to-end BPM functionality is essential for enabling the agility and flexibility that businesses need to compete in the current market, said Jim Sinur, vice president and research area director at The Gartner Group, a technology consultancy. "Process analysis is a key component of this end-to-end BPM capability," Sinur said, "and a critical part of helping enterprises achieve and demonstrate a rapid [return on investment] from their process technology investments."

"An organization's processes and its ability to execute on those processes truly define its business performance," said Michael Harris, senior vice president for products and strategy at FileNET. "By enabling real-time reporting in an easy-to-use package, the Process Analyzer is the first solution to take BPM out of the back office and make it accessible for executives and line-of-business managers."

The tool helps companies establish benchmarks for evaluating business performance and analyze productivity, efficiency and cycle time. It can also help managers identify bottlenecks in their operations so they can reallocate under- or over-utilized resources.

The Process Analyzer will be available in September and has a base configuration price of $70,000.