AspenTech Scores in Dusseldorf

German specialty chemical company adopts collaborative engineering and design solution

Cambridge, MA  September 11, 2002  German specialty chemical manufacturer Degussa has signed a five-year agreement to license a collaborative engineering and design solution from AspenTech in an effort to leverage stored internal process knowledge.

Degussa, based in Dusseldorf, is Germany's third-largest chemical company, with annual sales of about $12 billion and more than 53,000 employees.

Under the multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement, Degussa will fully implement Aspen Engineering Suite (AES) technology as a standard for collaborative engineering and design within the company.

AspenTech says its AES solutions for process asset lifecycle management integrate engineering technologies designed to increase engineering efficiency, return-on-capital and operational margins by helping companies to effectively reuse process knowledge based on the development of a single asset model utilized by the entire enterprise.

Over the course of more than a decade, Degussa has stored a substantial amount of internal process knowledge within its Aspen Plus simulation models, an integral part of AES technology. Degussa's latest initiative builds upon the regional deployment of the Aspen WebModels technology, by which the company has already achieved global access to critical simulation models.

"AspenTech is enabling Degussa to leverage its long-term investment in process knowledge capture by facilitating an achievable corporate standard for modeling and optimization," said Ralf Janowsky, director for computer aided process engineering at Degussa. "This accumulative expert knowledge will be fully utilized throughout the organization, driving the bottom-line value of Degussa's process asset to the business boundary."

Added Dorothea Schwarz, chairman of Degussa's Aspen Expert Committee: "We have a need to deliver the full functionality of the AES suite directly to the desktop of our engineers within a highly distributed organization. This initiative will build upon the collaborative engineering backbone already established by the successful deployment of AspenTech's technology over the years."