ChannelWave Hits Japan

Mitsui to distribute CRM provider's partner relationship management solution

Tempe, AZ  September 12, 2002  Customer relationship management solution provider ChannelWave Software has signed a deal to have international trading company Mitsui distribute the CRM company's partner relationship management (PRM) solutions in Japan.

To meet the growing demand for PRM as part of its total enterprise technology offering, Mitsui and its distribution and systems integration partners will be the first to sell and support PRM solutions to customers in the high technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, recreation and automotive industries in Japan.

Mitsui will also localize ChannelWave's software into Japanese and license ChannelWave 5 for one of its own divisions.

ChannelWave anticipates that this relationship, and the opening of new markets for ChannelWave 5, will provide a 15-20 percent increase in the company's revenues over the next three years.

"Through the extensive pre-marketing we conducted with Mitsui and its distributors and customers, we see strong demand for PRM solutions in Japan, where nearly 90 percent of all products and services are sold through indirect channels," said Chris Heidelberger, president and CEO of ChannelWave.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd., is one of Japan's largest trading companies, with offices in 91 countries, $100 billion in transactions in fiscal 2001 and more than 20,000 customers worldwide. Mitsui has been a distributor of PeopleSoft/Vantive CRM solutions in Japan since 1996, with nearly 300 installations.

Toshiyuki Yamazoe, general manager of Mitsui's Enterprise Solution Service Business Department, IT Service Business Division, said, "ChannelWave is a proven solution, which our customers are demanding to help businesses in multiple industries to drive more revenues through their channel partners."

ChannelWave says its PRM solution supports the entire lifecycle of channel pre-sales, sales and post-sales business activities through a suite of Web-based applications. The solution supports complex relationships among multiple vendors, partners and customers.