Reengineering & Risk

IDS Scheer offers tool for aligning business processes and systems with new security standards

Berwyn, PA  September 16, 2002  Process specialist IDS Scheer this week rolled out a risk-management tool designed to align business processes and enterprise systems with new standards of operational security.

IDS says its ARIS Process Risk Scout ensures the process-oriented implementation of risk management approaches, enabling organizations to identify potential vulnerabilities in business and technical systems and to reengineer business processes and enterprise systems accordingly.

As a result, IDS says, companies can ensure enterprise security and optimize organizational performance and profitability.

The solution offers a series of pre-built templates and procedural models to guide users through the process of creating a customized risk management solution. The resulting risk policy and general project plan offers a blueprint for business process optimization.

ARIS Process Risk Scout also offers various reporting features, enabling organizations to review, optimize and change business processes and security methods as necessary.

Commenting on the IDS news, Dr. Stephen Gale, of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Organizational Dynamics, said that planning for enterprise security has become a critical topic in maintaining the continuity of global commerce and integrated supply chains. "The effective and efficient management of global supply chains depends on an organization's ability to secure and protect both its networked systems and its worldwide business processes," Gale said.

Gale suggested that companies could use the new solution to tie security objectives to business process optimization. He added, "By re-engineering business processes to reflect key operational, financial, and security performance standards and methods, organizations can ensure complete enterprise security."

"ARIS Process Risk Scout offers a way for organizations to clearly understand their current risk situation and safeguard their mission-critical business processes in any situation," said Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, president and CEO of IDS Scheer. "It can be extended across the entire life cycle of a risk management project, from establishing risk policy, to analyzing and reporting on risks on an ongoing basis, to controlling and managing risks through continuous business process improvement. This ensures security and business continuity."