Gas Control Taps Intentia

Swedish company seeks to sharpen customer focus, improve processes by deploying supply chain app

Tempe, AZ  September 16, 2002  Sweden's Gas Control Equipment (GCE) is set to implement a supply chain solution from Intentia as part of a move by the company to sharpen its customer focus and improve its internal processes.

Headquartered in Malmo, the GCE group of companies is Europe's leading supplier in the gas handling business. The group, with about 1,000 employees across Europe, develops and manufactures all types of equipment for the handling of high-pressure gases.

The deal with Intentia includes a solution for the entire supply chain, from analysis of customer needs to manufacturing via orders, distribution and installation. The gas company is counting on the functionality in Intentia's Movex solution to create transparency between GCE's subsidiaries and its manufacturing and distribution units.

"In order for GCE to be able to plan based on customer needs in a completely new way, we have chosen to replace all existing system solutions with an integrated Movex solution," said Jan Zetterberg, logistics manager at GCE. "Movex will be the cornerstone as we increase our customer focus in order to generate significantly higher profitability.

"The different systems that made up our previous solution weren't integrated with each other, so there was a real lack of collaboration," Zetterberg continued. "This entailed too much manual work, limited control and a great deal of work duplication. With Movex, we will reduce these problems significantly and be able to give our customers better service at the same time that we gain more effective internal processes. We will markedly increase our profitability and competitiveness through this investment."

The agreement affects all of GCE's manufacturing, distribution and sales units in Europe and is valued at about $1.65 million, of which $853,000 is for Movex licenses.